February 1, 2016

19 Sites Dating to 12,000 Years Ago Found in Nevada

Archaeologists have found 19 sites in Nevada that were in use by hunter-gatherers 12,000 years ago. They uncovered stone points, biface blades and other artifacts at these sites. Clovis, Lake Mojave and Silver Lake points have been found in these caches. They used predictive modeling to find the sites. The know that human activity in this area are found near water and marshlands, and the shores of lakes and channels. So the archaeologists used predictive modeling and GIS technology for signs of Pleistocene-Holocene era life. They mapped with GIS, aerial photos and other tools, and pinpointed likely spots. The spots were then ground truthed. These new tools are now a proven method for finding ancient sites.

Western Digs has the report here;

Mike Ruggeri’s The Ancient America’s Breaking News


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